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                Oceanpower Ecological Food Science and Technology Attended the 118th Canton Fair Guangdong oceanpower technology awarded extension station unit of member of guangdong province expert enterprise workstation The recycled asphalt concrete national standards won the award of shenzhen standard The first low temperature construction of SMA motorway using Oceanpower''s Evotherm warm mix a great success Unveiling Ceremony of the establishment of Oceanpower Science and Technology Association Oceanpower Eco Food Tech Co.,LTD participating in the HOSFAIR Qipeng Engineering Materials Technology Company Singed a Cooperative Agreement with Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design Institute Oceanpower Headquarters Signed to settle in Pingshan District Colored Bituminous Concrete Pavement of Urban Roads Technical Specification in the industry standard which Ocean power company is involved in the preparation of was published Leader and Expert of CCCC Highway Survey&Design Co. Ltd. of FHEC Visited Oceanpower Oceanpower New Material Invited to the 11th Road and Bridge Construction Technology Forum Oceanpower Ecological Food Science and Technology Attended 31st Fine Food Australia Oceanpower Ecological Food Science and Technology Co., Ltd. attended 11st China - Asean Expo Oceanpower''s National Standard The Basic Mechanics Performance Test Method of Steel Fiber Reinforced Composite Materials published The national standard Warm Mix Asphalt Concrete edited mainly by Oceanpower was published The national standard Warm Mix Asphalt Concrete edited mainly by Oceanpower was published President of China Coating Industry Association Sun Lianying visited Shanghai Chipeng Science and Technology Corporation The national standard Representation Method of Water-Based Ink Color edited mainly by Oceanpower was published China coating enterprise leaders meeting of blue ocean strategy in Oceanpower stood was held smoothly Oceanpower New Material Co,.LTD took part in the National highway science and technology achievements promotion conference and made a speech

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